Lace and Steel

by Evet Socrates

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This is the final accumulation of over 2 years learning and expanding upon my mixing, mastering, and recording.


released October 30, 2015

All songs written, arranged, produced and performed by Evet Socrates.



all rights reserved


Evet Socrates Los Angeles, California

EVET SOCRATES is a Los Angeles-based musician, artist, and film maker.
Early on he was exposed to New Wave and Neo-Classical Metal and his interest in guitar playing surged with an all-encompassing vigor. Throughout his career, Evet has strived to maintain a balance between ‘tonality and technique’, and create not just songs, but works of art. ... more

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Track Name: Lace and Steel
Standing in the light is my right
Justify the need to be bright
An odyssey to carry me
To the edge of what is the night

Wings of Morpheus
Myriad clocks and gears
The delicate feel
Of lace and steel


Never seen such beauty
Fly so high
Or a delicate fist
Release a kiss

To a purity
And a sense
Of right and wrong
And innocence

She planted flowers I now collect
A bouquet truth, I'll always respect
Track Name: What Is Your Mantra
What is Your Mantra by Evet Socrates


Keep the soul alive
Red carpet spirit and red wine
Just avert a quest for fame
There's a fever all the same
Heed your calling
No matter where it takes you
Psychedelic overtures
Kaleidoscopic that's for sure

- Om mani padme hum

What is the mantra you believe
You must believe it to achieve
What is your mantra
It's 'cause I want ya

What's the secret to peace of mind
The savior is within yourself
You've got to seek it
To become sublime
Track Name: Lover Pending
Lover Pending
by Evet Socrates

Among glistening high-rises
I know a lady that's so strong
Queen of her corporation
She's set to change the nation

Weighing the gains of risky aims
Pressure's building, she can't decide
On a lucrative splendor
To be rich, and remembered

Lust is on hold, lover standing by
You'll never see her if you try
Got to make appointments with her love
The highest priority above

I'm a lover pending
It's never ending

Will she grant an interview
To a lucky servant in decline
She's got them waiting all the time

For just a token, you'll end up broken
She is the master of your fate
In alabaster consecrate
Track Name: Miss Deliverance
I was a stranger in my own home
I was a victim of the unknown
Until you alighted, then we united
Miss Deliverance come to rescue me

Take away what shackles me
Make a way for you and me
Miss Deliverance
Track Name: Girl in a Whirl
Girl in a Whirl

A girl in a whirl
Fantasies unfurl
Roaring in a swirl
Hidden meanings twirl
In a wink (half closed to) to pearls

She brooks no favors meant to forget
She's optimal
A calm kind of nature
Behind the storm
Breaks into treasure
Muddied up by the form

Br 1
Wears a new face
Without compromise
Braver than heroes
With no disguise
Wears a new face
With no compromise
As long as smiles go un-negated
you'll get them back a thousand-fold

She makes you wonder
Unzippers her smile
To get you where she wants you
Uncontrovertibly wild

She’s a Girl in a whirl
Tornado twirls as kisses
Her hurricane heart lays waste to
Former lovers
I am tied to the mast
Track Name: Perfidy
Perfidy by Evet Socrates

They've taken my rights away
There's nothing I can say
When I said the Earth goes around the sun
It's not forsaking Jesus as the one

Cross the cardinal, you weaken the king
Insult the pope and that's another thing
When a telescope provides the proof
The evidence they all refute

Such revelations would send a man to hell
For the things he does so well
To divine the truth, the church was aloof

I see a mass enjoy
Religions I destroy

Ptolemy had held the stage
2000 years a masquerade
But Galileo and Kepler knew
That Aristarchus held the clue
Track Name: Majesty
Grant me your highness
A touch of divine-ness
Her seems to speak to me
As I witness her majesty
Track Name: Autumn Kiss
Autumn Kiss

When was the last time I surrendered to bliss
When was the last time I tasted your lips
Riddle of love, posed by a miss
All life solved in an Autumn Kiss